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For Bangle Sizing, make a 4 with your hand and tuck your thumb behind it. Measure the length across the back of your hand.

If using the a phone measuring app--as shown in instructional video below, convert that measurement into millimeters.  ​

For Cuff Sizing, measure the circumference of the smallest part of your wrist. 

Standard Bangle - Measured in Internal Diameter

(True to Size) 

X-Small -- 60mm

Small - 63mm*

Medium - 66mm*

Large - 69mm 

X-Large -- 80mm 

XX-Large -- 90mm 

Jumbo Bangle - Measured in Internal Diameter 

(True to Size)

X-Small -- 60mm 

Small -- 63mm*

Medium -- 66mm*

Large -- 69mm

X-Large -- 73mm

Cuffs - Measured in Circumference; size not inclusive of 1" bracelet opening 

(Loose Fit) 

Small/Medium -- 7.5in*

Medium/Large -- 8.5in

*Average size

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